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September 16, 2013 by Frank Garcia


If you move here from a place where the wildlife consists of robins and squirrels in the spring, an occasional rabbit, the rare hawk, huge mosquitoes, and an appearance every other year by a garter snake,  be prepared me for diversity, danger, and the other-worldliness of the Sonoran Desert wildlife.

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During the summer, a different mindset compels one to  look carefully as doors to outside are opened because the snakes and scorpions are active.  The snakes have their offspring in August and the Sonoran toads visit during the monsoons and disturb the quiet of the night with their bellowing mating noises.

There is a reason we’re called Quail Creek because the most abundant (and noisy) bird is the Gamble Quail.  They have their broods in early June and the first sightings of the little fuzz-ball babies cause even the manliest of men on the golf course to stop and say “ah-h-h.”