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For Owners – Quail Creek Resort Community, Green Valley, AZ

Information for Quail Creek Owners Renting their Property

Rental Identification Cards

A Rental Policy form either at the Concierge desk or on-line at
(Homeowner Info – Forms – Property Rental (eForm) needs to be completed and given to the Concierge so your renters can use the amenities at Quail Creek.  The Concierge will then have Renter Cards available when your renters arrive. If you own only one house at Quail Creek, the Concierge will de-activate your Robson Member Card(s) electronically and you won’t be able to use the amenities yourself.
Gate Access Cards
(Short Term Rentals)

Short-term rentals are defined as less than one year.  These renters will be able to pay $5.00 non-refundable (cash only) to the Concierge at the Clubhouse which will cover a maximum of two Gate Access Cards.Gate Access Cards identify the renter’s vehicle to Patrol, who will open the gate on the inside lane at the front entrance. Entrance at the unmanned back gate will not be available.

Gate Access Cards
(Long Term Rentals)

Long-term renter(s) (one year or more) will be able to choose Gate Access Card(s) of $5.00 or to purchase an electronic tag for a maximum of two vehicles at $35.00 each.  The tag(s) must be installed by Patrol at the front gate by appointment. The electronic tag will allow entrance at the front (outside lane) and back gates without assistance.

The Concierge will need to see a rental/lease agreement to verify the time period. The owner has the option of allowing the renter(s) to use their first two free tags for that property. Once the two free tags are used, all additional tags will be $35.00 each (non-refundable). If the owner wishes to give permission for the renter(s) to use the free tag(s), he/she must write a short note to that effect and send it to the Concierge or write it at the bottom of the Rental Policy form.

The owner may suggest the renter(s) purchase electronic tags at $35.00 each (non-refundable, check only to QCCC) and reserve the free tags for themselves at a later time. The registration form needed for Patrol to install a tag is available at the Concierge desk. The renter(s) must call Patrol at 520-393-2941 for an appointment to have the tag(s) installed at the front gate.

POA Rules

Pay particular attention to the following Property Owner Association Rules:
– Review POA Rules regarding Renters in Quail Creek.
See Article 12.2
– Review POA Rules regarding Parking in Quail Creek.
See Article 4.4
Renters are subject to all Rules in Quail Creek and must be given a copy of the POA Rules.
Questions? Please call the Concierge at 520-393-5822.

Rental Agreements, etc.

Call or us with any questions. We have templates of  Welcome Books,  Inventory Suggestions for furnished rentals and many other tips for being a successful landlord/homeowner.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Homeowner Services

Carpet Cleaning Service

Fire & Water Damage Restoration


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