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Rules – Golf

October 1, 2013 by Frank Garcia

Quail Creek Property Owners Association Rules – September 17, 2012

Article 8 – Golf

8.1 General
8.11 Golfers have the right-of-way at all times on the course.
8.12 The Quail Creek Men’s and Ladies’ golf associations are granted scheduled tournaments/events for their members only. All tournaments/events must be sanctioned by the head golf professional and approved by the Board.
8.13 Non-golfing traffic (except maintenance workers & staff) is prohibited on the golf course during hours of play. When allowed, non-golf traffic is restricted to the cart paths only. Course maintenance vehicles have the right of way at all times. No bicyclists or pets of any kind (except guide dogs) are allowed on the golf course.
8.14 It is the responsibility of a Resident host to inform their guests of the golf course rules and regulations.
8.15 Organized play on any Quail Creek golf course is allowed only at the pleasure of the Board.
[divider][/divider] 8.2 Golf Fees
8.21 The Board will establish green fees for the Quail Creek golf courses prior to the beginning of the year.
8.22 Golfers are prohibited from playing on a Quail Creek golf course without any of the following: an official valid receipt from the pro shop; being an annual member; possessing an official summer pass; or without possessing an official Quail Creek punch card.
8.23 Any golfer(s) found hitting balls or playing on any of the Quail Creek golf courses not in compliance with 8.22 above will be assessed the following fine:
a. First offense: $50.00 plus Green Fees
b. Second offense: $100.00 plus Green Fees
c. Third Offense: Suspension of golf privileges for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days as determined by the Board.
8.24 The maximum number of individual annual golf fees is three (3) per household.
8.25 Renters are eligible to purchase individual or dual annual golf fees or golf playcards.
8.26 Guests are not eligible for either annual golf fees or golf playcards.
[divider][/divider] 8.3 Rules of Play
8.31 All players must comply with directives from the head golf professional, pro shop staff and golf course rangers at all times.
8.32 Golf balls are considered lost if they fall on to private property during play. Golfers are not allowed to enter private property at any time.
8.33 Golfers must repair their divots on all fairways, ball marks on all greens and rake the bunkers as needed after they play out of each one.
8.34 Practice will be confined to practice ranges and putting greens only. Practice range balls and baskets may not be removed from practice areas.
8.35 Five-some play is not allowed except by special permission of the head golf professional.
[divider][/divider] 8.4 Golf Carts
8.41 Only golf carts being driven by playing golfers or working employees are allowed on the course during golfing hours.
8.42 Golf carts should be electric or 4-cycle quiet type gas carts. All golf carts must have course approved turf tires and a sander/seed dispenser to repair divots. Any custom-made golf cart must be approved by Quail Creek management.
8.43 Occupancy in golf carts limited to two (2) persons and two (2) golf bags.
8.44 Two (2) golf carts maximum allowed with each golfing group. If a third cart catches up to a three-some it must remain on the cart path at all times. If on the front nine, the group is to dispose of one of the carts and continue the back nine with two (2) carts only.
8.45 Golf carts may not be driven on the greens or greens fringe areas at any time.
8.46 Golf carts should stay on the cart path until adjacent to the short ball before entering the fairway. (90 degree rule)
8.47 Golf cart drivers must obey all traffic control indicators on the course that directs golf carts onto or off the fairways. Also, all stop signs should be obeyed before crossing any streets.
8.48 The Golf Course Superintendent may close a part or all of the golf course for required maintenance or when conditions are such that the course is unable to accommodate any traffic on the fairways.
[divider][/divider] 8.5 Dress Code
8.51 For ladies: Golf attire includes golf shorts no shorter than mid thigh, skirts or slacks with golf shirts, blouses or sweaters. BLUE JEANS, athletic shorts, tank tops, halter tops, swimwear or tennis attire are Not permitted on the golf course or any golf practice area.
8.52 For men: Golf attire includes slacks, shorts no shorter than mid thigh and collared shirts or mock turtleneck shirts. BLUE JEANS, athletic shorts, tank tops, swimwear or tennis attire are NOT permitted on the golf course or any golf practice area.
8.53 Footwear: soft-spike or rubber soled footwear must be worn on the golf courses and golf practice areas at all times. Any footwear that would damage the course greens and practice greens is strictly prohibited.
8.54 The head golf professional and pro shop staff have the right to determine what constitutes appropriate attire for the golf courses and any golf practice areas.
[divider][/divider] 8.6 Enforcement of Rules
8.61 Violations of any golf Rules may result in disciplinary actions by the Head Golf Professional. Disciplinary action includes, but not limited to, suspension of playing privileges, suspension of membership privileges and / or monetary fines.
8.62 Penalties for violations to be at the discretion of the Head Golf Professional.
8.63 An appeal of any sanction imposed for violation of golf rules may be made to the Rules Committee (see Article 3).

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